Manage your logs

LogLady, the Open Source Tool for Monitoring Log Files. Filter, highlight and follow your log files live for easier reading. Start logging and analyzing your log files, easily and quickly, with one of the best log file analyzing softwares there is.

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LogLady provides a fully featured log files management software!

Open huge log files

Handles GB-size logs easily while still maintaing features like highlighting and following the file live. With intelligent buffering LogLady will only keep a small part of large files in memory.

Real time

Unsurprisingly, there is tail functionality. Monitor log files in real-time. You can toggle whether to follow a file or not.

Follow multiple logs

Keep track of all your log files. LogLady will remember your settings and all your opened files, and restore your tabs when restarting.

Highlight what you are looking for

Enter a highlight text and LogLady will mark all occurences of that text. Every affected line, and every occurence within the line is highlited, using a two level color scheme.


If you, like us, switch between different operating systems all the time, you will appreciate being able to use the same tool no matter the platform.


Complementary to highlighting, filtering lets you concentrate on only the lines you want to see. Filtering and highlighting can be used in concert for even easier review.

Regular expressions

Both filtering and highlighting support the use of regular expression. Prefix the text with @ to use regular expressions.

File activity

As files grow, an activity indicator in the form of a spinner is visible on the tab of each file. Find out immediately when something’s afoot in all your open logs.

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